Microsoft Believes It’s Time To “Bing & Decide”

Drop that search engine, or I’ll shoot.
That’s the thinking in Redmond apparently. After all, search–an area dominated by Google and Yahoo–is just too good to pass up. Hence, it’s time to use a “decision engine” to “Bing and decide.”

Ad Age reports on the motivations for the new product launch and the ad campaign that supports it.

Most consumers say they are satisfied with search today, but Microsoft says its own behavioral studies of what people do when they go online and type in queries indicate otherwise, as people often spend lots of time tweaking queries and, in some cases, abandon them altogether, unable to find what they’re seeking.
“We’ve been lulled into thinking it’s OK to spend two hours doing something that should have taken a few minutes,” said Ty Montague, co-president and chief creative officer at JWT North America, which is executing the ads as part of an $80 million to $100 million marketing push.

[UPDATE] Steffan Postaer is rightly proud of his bro’ Jeremy who came up with the spot and also did the VO.

Jeremy has always been a one-man gang when it comes to creativity. He came into the business as an art director and evolved into one hell of a copywriter. With an uncanny eye, mastery of new technology and a passion for storytelling my brother is the proverbial triple threat. He’s also a perfectionist, to the point where it borders on character defect.
Of course he used his own voice on the rough cuts. And of course the client loved it. Knowing my brother he willed them to love it! Even though this is the same voice I’ve often wanted to strangle (look up sibling rivalry; that’s us), he sounds pretty damn good.

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