Microsoft Cares About Its Market Share; Ergo, It Cares About Securing Your Data (Or So Says This Ad)

Microsoft is taking a page from Mitt Romney’s playbook and going on the attack. But in a very nice way.

Here’s a print ad the company is running in The Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers of note.

Let’s examine some copy from the ad: “To be clear, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to improve the quality of an advertising product. But, that effort needs to be balanced with continuing to meet the needs and interests of users. Every business finds it own balance and attracts users who share those priorities.”

Let me rephrase that: Google doesn’t care about your privacy concerns, and will sell your data to advertisers to continue make obscene profits, that we at Microsoft would like to once again see in our own paychecks, stock price, etc.

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