Mercury Rising On Strength Of Webisodes

from NY Times: If ads that chase consumers are achieving fewer results, the thinking goes, make the consumers come to the ads, particularly by infusing them with generous helpings of entertainment as would be found in television programs and movies or at concerts.
In sponsoring “Meet the Lucky Ones,” which unfolded over the course of five weekly episodes like a TV series, Mercury is following other marketers like, American Express, BMW, Dr. Martens footwear and a Ford Motor sibling, Jaguar. The so-called Webisodes are delivering branded content, advertainment – call it what you will – to hundreds of thousands of computer users, those involved in the initiative say, many of them in the target audience for the Mariner.

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  1. I have to agree with this blogger
    This is a million dollar Me-Too strategy of the worst kind. It doesn’t move the product or the brand.