Meet Madison Avenue’s New King Of Crass

Pete Johnson, 31, is a Brooklyn-based copywriter penning comic doodles that poke fun at the industry that pays his rent.
On May 12th we took a look at his skewering of bloggers, which was fun. But his “Creative Department Douchebag” series is even better.

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  1. Very true. Very funny. And very sad that there are so many easy-to-parody dipshits in this business that all you have to do is change the street names in each cartoon to feel like they were written about people you yourself know. Douchebags is right. God, remember when the worst thing you could say about Creatives was that they were too laid back and maybe sloppy dressers? Now they’re more annoying than the fucking weak-willed AEs. At least the AEs were always annoying. You’d think Creatives, of all people, would know better. Then again, Creatives used to come from varied backgrounds and most of them “found” Advertising as a career in their own way and on their own schedule, like finding an oasis in the vast desert of the business world. Thus, they appreciated what the business had to offer. Now, most junior Creatives just get churned out of pricey ad schools. And while some prove you can be talented and level-headed at the same time, far too many are the bratty, spoiled, psuedo-hipster artist-wannabe’s we see depicted here. Nice to see them skewered so skillfully. More please.

  2. I am exceedingly fond of jokes I don’t get.

  3. So much funnier – and better drawn – than the other “ad-funnies” out there (you know who you are).