Media Neutrality Handed Down From On High

Media Daily News calls the Leo Burnett reorg, announced today, “the most blatant gesture yet by a major agency holding company that the traditional agency model is broken and needs to be reinvented.”
Publicis described the new structure as an “open architecture” model drawing on the assets and key personnel of Burnett, SMG, Arc and Digitas, with “no default lead” in the process.
The new collaborative model becomes operational in the first quarter of 2008.

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  1. Great, necessary move. But it’s a tough road.
    I work for a fast-growing digital shop and as we learn to work with our new clients–essentially the legendary AOR’s of yesteryear–we’re constantly faced with basic, foundational type questions: who owns the idea? what is a media-neutral idea? for that matter, what’s an idea?
    Here’s a little more from the Media Post article. As you read, try to imagine being a creative in this midst of all this.

    The Burnett and Arc teams would contribute creative, research, market segmentation, and planning, production and database management, SMG would add media behavioral insights, media research and some digital production resources, and Digitas would offer creative, brand navigation, digital insights, dashboard management systems, digital production and technology development, the company said.