Media Makers Needed

According to Adweek, Hill Holliday is stepping up to the advertainment plate by creating a new position for John Dukakis. The former governor’s son will be svp, director of branded entertainment for the Boston-based shop.
Baba Shetty, evp, chief media officer at Hill, Holliday, said: “These days we’re not just buying media—we’re often creating media, and branded entertainment is an increasingly important part of the mix.”
I’m wondering…does your agency have a branded entertainment or content team? Are you about to create one? Do you have a solid grasp on how content differs from advertising, and why it’s important for agencies to be in this business (again)?

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  1. i’ve done a few branded entertainment things. and it’s a complete 180 from doing ads. ads depend on programming created by tv networks for consumers’ attention. branded content has to generate its own audience. so you have to think more like like a TV programmer. the mindset is completely different.

  2. branded content has to generate its own audience.
    Don’t you think ads also need to do this to some degree? Especially, with the advent of YouTube (where an ad can act as programming and play out over months with no media buy).