Maybe Agencies Do Have Reason To Fear The Crowd

The other day I mentioned that I’d look into Ed Cotton’s claim that Unilever brand, Peperami, dropped their agency of record in favor of a more democratic process.
Indeed, they did. The pork sausage snack brand is now teamed with Idea Bounty of South Africa to crowdsource the concept for an upcoming campaign.
Unilever has turned to Idea Bounty after 15 years with their traditional agency, Lowe, who created the brand’s iconic “Animal” character.
The winning Idea must be able to support the development of fully worked scripts and storyboards. When decided, Smartworks, will produce the ad. Aspiring creatives have until the 23rd of October to bring their A-game and win a prize of $10,000 (a healthy sum for once).
Here again, we have the term “crowdsourcing” in play, when the “consumer generated media” and/or “promotion” would do.

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  1. that logo looks highly crowdsourced.

  2. @td which might be the client’s point (given that the logo was NOT crowdsourced)