Matching the Person to the Job is Vital to Your Company’s Performance

Have you ever wondered why companies take so long to hire someone? It’s because the decision to hire is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only does hiring the wrong person mean that they’ll have to go back to the drawing board, it can essentially drain time and money.

Utilize Several Resources

Most companies utilize several platforms when looking to fill a vacant position. Job boards, word of mouth, and local newspapers are some options. However, an increasingly popular method for hiring adequate candidates – particularly for positions that require a specialized skill (IT, accounting, etc.), is working with temp agencies. Companies like Extreme Technologies Inc take the guessing out of hiring while also reducing the costs. They find highly-skilled, trained individuals who fit the criteria you’ve requested. When you utilize more than one platform, you open the doors for more eligible applicants to come forth.

Costs of Hiring the Wrong Employee:

Decreased Productivity

No matter what type of position you’re hiring for, a new candidate will require a certain amount of training. Since supervisors or senior staff are typically in charge of training new hires, this takes a considerable amount of time out of their day. Not to mention, if you’ve hired someone who is not so good at the job, training could take longer. Supervisors may also have to go back and fix errors, answer more questions, and retrain in areas the applicant doesn’t comprehend. This takes them away from their regular tasks and slows down productivity within the office.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

For every employee that you hire, you’re responsible for paying their salary, employer taxes, health benefits, and necessary training/certifications.  If they’re not performing to your expectations, this is a waste of money. Not to mention that if you have to let them go, you could be responsible for paying severance. There’s also the added expense of hiring someone else.

Lowered Employee Morale

The rest of your staff can quickly become disengaged or frustrated by the new hire and their “lack of skill” to complete the job they were hired to do. It can be hard for others to stay positive when they are working collectively and have one person who simply isn’t holding their weight. This can lead to conflict, and in some cases rebellion, if the rest of the staff feels they shouldn’t have to work as hard.

Tarnished Reputation

There are two ways in which your company’s reputation could be tarnished by a poor new hire. The first method is through your customers. If the new hire interacted with your customers but did not provide a high level of professionalism (or really botched the encounter altogether), this could lead to a customer complaint. Customer complaints, as you know, can spread quickly, causing negative buzz about your company’s poor service.

The second method in which your reputation could be ruined by a bad hire is by the former employee themselves. There are plenty of review sites now where consumers and employees can address their opinions about the company. If the former employee doesn’t agree with your decision to let them go, they could take to the Internet and really do a number on your company’s reputation. Though there are ways to regain a positive image in the public eye, it can take a while.

At the end of the day, you’re in business to earn money – not lose it. You want to hire professionals who will help you grow your business as opposed to bringing it down. It is important that you take the hiring process seriously from beginning to end. As you can see, there is a LOT on the line with each candidate you decide to give a chance. Utilizing as many resources as you can and screening effectively can help you in selecting candidates that are ideal for the position.

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