Making Mom Laugh, Helps Mom Make Dinner

With the launch of its latest content play, Kraft Foods is hoping moms will laugh out loud (LOL).

Of course, Kraft is no stranger to content. According to Chicago Tribune, the company debuted “Kraft Television Theater” in 1947 to to promote new products including sliced process cheese (1950) and Cheez Whiz (1952).
Julie Fleischer, Kraft’s director of consumer relationship marketing, content, strategy and integration, said the comedy series is a way to “find other relevant and compelling conversations we can have with our customers” that don’t involve recipes. Fleischer acknowledged that “there’s an extraordinarily fine line” between entertainment and an ad.

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  1. Is it possible to heckle viral-wannabe videos? Yes, there’s an extraordinarily fine line between entertainment and an ad. But this campaign is neither entertaining or advertising—it’s just shit.