Making Enemies Every 30 Seconds

BBC naturalist and documentarian, David Attenborough shares his disdain for advertising.

I hate advertisements, virulently and with ferocity. If that [TV] set has any damage it’s likely to be because I have thrown something at it when it came to an important point in the drama and they showed a picture of a chocolate bar. I hate advertisements everywhere. I know all the arguments and I know I’m being quirky and that newspapers would die with advertisements, all that. But none the less, I hate them for what they do to the intellectual life of this country, I hate them for what they do to the English language, I hate them for what they do to the coutryside.

[via Big Shiny Thing]

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  • makethelogobigger

    “Mostly, I hate them because GM never asked if I wanted to be in a spot.”