Making Space for Sponsors

This post is sponsored by tbd.

I like how Mashable handles sponsored posts.

The value for the advertiser is the fact that the “ad” is embedded in the post, which means it reaches RSS subscribers. AdPulp has 6400+ RSS subscribers, so it’s no small thing to reach this segment of our readership. And for readers who view the site in a web browser, a sponsored post is again more likely to be noticed. Banners can be blocked from view and/or easily ignored. Not so with a text-based sponsored post.

What does the reader get from the deal? In the best cases, a sponsored post is highly relevant contextual advertising. For instance, if we were to run a series on directors, it would make sense for the series to be sponsored by an editing house.

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  1. Agree, these ads are integrated well. Certainly seems less likely one would completely ignore them like many of the irrelevant banners.