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Cons are 100 this year.
Gary Koepke, the cofounder and executive creative director of Boston-based ad agency Modernista! says, “They’ve always been around in my life. They’re a fixture, like family . . . it’s like an archetype now – like a cross or an old Coca-Cola label.”
[via The Boston Globe]

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  1. hey that guy was from our town
    by Ed Leibowitz
    Originally published in the November 2001 issue of Smithsonian.
    Copyright 2001. Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.
    Today, not even the North Columbus Indiana Bulldogs wear Chuck Taylors, which is not to say that coach Bill Stearman has lost the faith.

    Even new owner William Simon can wax nostalgic. “In the ideal world,” he says, “if Converse could have left one or two U.S. production lines around for the charm of it, that would have been nice.” Then he adds: “But the consumer doesn’t care.”