MADD Says Drunk Drivers Are Moral Midgets

Sometimes it’s fun to create a wholly unsavory character. One with character defects as obvious as scars. That’s where TBWA\Toronto and Holiday Films director Adam Massey went with this new campaign for MADD.

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  1. I believe “midgets” is deemed a derogatory term.

  2. After actually watching the videos, I’m not convinced this is a good campaign. Who are they really talking to here? In some ways, the videos reflect a beer guy humor – they play like Bud Light spots. It doesn’t seem appropriate, and I can’t imagine it would be effective. As anyone who has ever known someone who lost a loved one to drunk driving, you know this is not a topic that warrants frat boy humor. A disturbing number of drunk drivers who inflict death and damage are repeat offenders. This kind of advertising is a sham – it’s about ad people seeking awards. It does not begin to address the scenario appropriately. It makes you feel like the ad money could have been better spent on some other MADD initiative.