Macy’s Asks the Pros for Help With Its Blog

Macy’s is reaching out to popular bloggers at and to help fill the pages of MBlog, its owned media channel for “news, reviews, magic and more.”

According to Marketing Daily, the department store chain is turning to blogging partners for how-to videos, trend-spotting, user and expert reviews, and original posts.

Macy’s will devote each weekday to a different subject, such as “Women’s Fashion” on Mondays and “Home” on Wednesdays, and that e-commerce will be embedded in content so readers can click to buy.

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  1. This is a smart decision for Macy’s to use social media as a way to lure attraction to its website by having fashion bloggers write for MBLOG. More women will be attracted to the Macy brand if they are able to interact with it online.