Lovely Sentiments Masquerading As Sales Pitches Fired Out of AdPulp’s Cannon

Comment spam comes in a variety of flavors. In fact, it often comes in an alphabet that I can’t read. But this morning, I received an extra special comment that I can read. I want to share with you now.
Isn’t that nice? It almost makes me want to leave it on AdPulp for all to see (even though it’s buried in a post from years ago that no one clicks on). But I can’t do that. I can’t do that because it’s a lie.
The comment is linked to an online retailer called MicJerseys. Go ahead and click over there. It appears to be a legitimate operation, and hey, they even have a blog.
The comment is a lie, one that’s prepackaged and ready for placement on any Web site with an open comments system. The social media gurus at MicJerseys simply use search to find the right contents for their brand of c-spam. A post on sports, for instance, is a good place to leave the c-spam dump.
Hey, it’s free advertising! Why not?

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