Look, You Can Order In

photo by David King

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  1. I thought
    “Additional Information
    This photo is public © All rights reserved ”
    Meant that you can’t repost it. Or shant rather, because clearly, you can.

  2. ..or is that one of the creative commons “you may use it if you credit” licences and I’m just not seeing it? I always get confused around flickr.

  3. Thanks Dabitch, for bringing this matter to our attention, as I’ve honestly never thought about it. Nor, have I been asked to remove an image for copyright infringement, which may be the reason I’ve not properly explored the issue.
    I went to my own Flickr page and saw the “All rights reserved” notice attached to all my images, which can be changed to a share-and-share alike license care of the Creative Commons.
    I can’t speak for the photog above, but I can say when I choose to load images to a photo-sharing site, my intent is to share. To make my intent clear, I’ll be changing the attendant licensing on my Flickr pages.