Look Ma, No CGI

Sometimes it helps to see the “making of” segment or director’s notes before the feature. This is one of those times.

Okay, now view the spot from McCann Erickson.
The advert imitates the infamous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas in tune to the comic opera Don Pasquale.

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  1. what I’m still always amazed atin al these behind the scenes shots is the ratio of male to female, whether it be commercial making or movie making.
    I still wonder because in high school I was quite active in creative endeavors and the physical building of homecoming floats, producing commercials for the morning announcements over the PA system, turning the boy’s gym into the dancefloor for the prom, homecoming or turnabout dance, making posters for the basketball and football games, etc.
    I can tell you in leadership and volunteer-get-your hands dirty roles the participation was probably 60:40 female to male. What happens in higher places of learning that turns the girls away and leaves the guys doing all that fun stuff. Or is it somewhere else the girls get put behind even behind the scenes shots.