Local Bank Spots Coming Up Short

It seems to me that every local agency wants a local bank as an account, and the chance to make TV for them. YouTube is certainly overflowing with the results…

Clearly, local banks make their spots on the cheap. You can see from the spots above where the production quality is–or is not–and you can see the steps taken to save money. The first spot, for instance, puts all its chips in a type treatment (the spot’s pretty well done, considering). The second spot, and the fourth, rely on simple, one location shoots. And so on…
There’s no real winner in the selections above, although I do like Interstate Bank’s sense of humor. I recognize, of course, that the agencies in question here may have had their hands tied by lack of client sophistication, small budgets, etc., but excuses don’t matter much in advertising, or anywhere else in business.
For the record, I’m very interested to see high concept spots (for banks and other clients) delivered on shoestring budgets. Please send them AdPulp’s way and we’ll happily showcase them.

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