Little Known Twinkie Facts

The Jackson Citizen Patriot: It is maligned, it is copied, but most importantly, it is loved by millions of Americans.
The Twinkie is celebrating its 75th birthday this year. Yet, this simple yellow sponge cake filled with vanilla cream has managed to generate interest and even a bit of controversy over the years.
Meanwhile, a number of myths have cropped up over the years about Twinkies, including that the snack is top-heavy with calories.
“A Twinkie has only 150 calories and 5 grams of fat, lower than eating three Oreos cookies,” said Kevin Kaul, Hostess brand manager in Kansas City, Mo..
Another is that they are created from only artificial ingredients.
“We use eggs, flour and sugar and some preservatives to keep them fresh, but there is nothing artificial about a Twinkie,” he said.
Twinkies are made in seven plants scattered across the United States, and from the time they are made and packaged, Kaul said, they have a shelf life of 25 days.
“It’s one of those myths (an indefinite shelf life) we’d love to see die,” he said.

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  1. And, in regards to the post below, they are damn good fried. We once had a client who seriously considered serving fried Twinkies in their stores. But that was in the days before the food police.

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  6. they have fried twinkies and zingers at Benegans.
    it’s called the tripple treat! and it’s awsome!

  7. 25 days is a crock. I have one still in the wrappers that i have kept since 1994 an it still to this day has no mold an looks as the day I layed it in my tool box. 25 days is a myth to restaock store shelves. Proofs in the Twinkie!

  8. today’s twinkies do not have the same vanilla cream as years ago. I know there was a bananna cream but i also believe there was another vanilla cream. am i correct?

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  11. dude- who can tell me all about Twinkies?