Link Love Needed To Mellow The Bitter

The Ad Contrarian, a.k.a. Bob Hoffman, ceo of Hoffman/Lewis, is fishing for links. But not in the typical groveling manner.

Can you imagine that not one of these creepy low-life bloggers would include your and my absolute favorite blog on their blog roll?
And do you know who these bloggers are? We’re talking here about people who can’t spell; who can’t produce a simple declarative sentence; who wear bicycle shorts; who think “douchenozzle” is funny; who write about Search Engine Optimization; who use words like “engagement” and “monetize”; who have cell phone holsters; who attend “off-sites” and “branding summits”; who sit around hotel bars in leather pants; who drink vitamin water and do pilates; who don’t have the balls to use their real names; whose only writing skill is to cut and paste other peoples’ mind-numbing jargon; who wear their hats sideways;

The ramble rambles on, but I think his point is established.
By the way, Hoffman wrote a book called The Ad Contrarian and he’s making it available for free on his site.

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  • Carl LaFong

    Wait a minute. He’s saying “Douchenozzle” isn’t funny? I must have missed the memo on that one.