Linguistics Lesson

Sometimes it’s fun to see what the academics are up to. Since Danah Boyd is the bloatosphere’s academic darling, let’s take a peek at her present concerns.

By employing the term “social networking sites,” the media is doing a disservice to most people who participate on these sites. The connotation, especially to non-participants, is that people are running around these sites meeting strangers (… who are predators). EEK! We don’t want to think of our teens as networking with unknowns. (Moral panic ensues.) The verb form gives off a problematic impression and it obfuscates what people actually do on these sites. Most folks hang out with their friends. They go there to model their social network, not to engaging in social networking. (LinkedIn and other professional sites are different.)

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  1. you mean most of you are not bored out of your head with the drab existence we call life, be it work or school, you are also considered a bit eccentric and under inconspicuous evaluation for other social disorders while at the same time refusing treatment, and you are completely narcissistic just sitting home expecting something or someone to knock at your real life door to kiss your feet?
    you just find it amusing as well as foolish to poke fun at yourself and the other half of the world indifferent to the responses you don’t get?