Like Frank Lloyd Wright, Steve Jobs Is A Visionary Builder

Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, but he remains as Chairman of the Board and active in new product development.

Of course, Twitter earthquaked with the news yesterday afternoon.

Naturally, there is a lot of concern for Jobs’ health and the company’s stock price, and business and technology minds around the world are pausing the ask (and sometimes answer) what it all means.

Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD is one such mind on the matter.

CEOs resign every day, so why is this departure so meaningful?

Most people are lucky if they can change the world in one important way, but Jobs, in multiple stages of his business career, changed global technology, media and lifestyles in multiple ways on multiple occasions.

He did it because he was willing to take big risks on new ideas, and not be satisfied with small innovations fed by market research…And he has been a brilliant marketer, personally passionate about his products.

Jobs is also one of histories great clients. I’m sure Lee Clow could regale us for hours with tales of Jobs. But even without those key insights and cherished stories, there is a whole lotta proof in the Apple pudding.

Because his list of accomplishments is so long, “one almost forgets that he built a phenomenally successful chain of retail stores, too,” Mossberg writes.

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