Lexus Hybrid Living EcoDesignLifestyle

Lexus Hybrid Living is an interesting content play by the luxury car brand. While many hybrid buyers are Birkenstock-wearing eco-number crunchers wanting to know all the pertinent facts and figures, Lexus appeals to another demo. The demo that says, “Hey, I’m rich. The least I could do is be responsible.” Of course, never before in history, has it been so easy to “act responsibly” while stroking a check.
The site doesn’t aim to sell cars, but to support the lifestyle. As such, it introduces and promotes key figures from green design like fashion design Linda Loudermilk and architect Michelle Kaufmann. The designers’ stories are told in video and text.
Lexus Hybrid Living also offers city guides for NYC, LA, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix and San Francisco.
The navigation is a bit hard to follow and I’d like the videos to benefit from “share this” functionality, but the content is right and well packaged.

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