Let’s Talk Trucks Gets Spiked

Spike Jones at Greenville, SC identity firm Brains of Fire has some choice words helpful criticism for GMC, in relation to the automaker’s new website Let’s Talk Trucks, an obvious nod to social media.
After rightly identifying the consumer testimonals as ads, Jones then hops aboard the Cluetrain:

The funny thing is, “Let’s Talk” is big and bold on every page. But this isn’t a conversation, it’s GMC talking and you listening. There’s no conversation. No give and take. No banter. And no place at all for GMC owners to connect with one another.
Seems to me that it’s all hat and no cattle. Nice try, boys.

All hat and no cattle. Now that’s truck talk.

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  1. My grandfather used that colloquialism growing up, you know, in Texas. You know, that’s the state that has the highest trucks per capita in the nation and all that.
    P.S. And all my grandfather would ever purchase was red Ford trucks.