Let’s Pull The Plug On Direct Marketers Instead

Frankly, I think this is just disgusting.
A New York Times article suggests that Terri Schiavo’s parents have agreed to sell a list of their financial supporters to a direct marketing firm.
Just think of the types of organizations who have been most vocal in wanting to re-insert Schiavo’s feeding tube and you’ll get a sense of the type of junk mail that will be sent to people who just might have been moved enough by her plight to send a few bucks.
This is why advertising people–of which DM is a part of–get no respect.
Ever wonder why Direct Marketing is called “below the line?” Because often, it’s below the line of taste and decency.

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  1. Below the line marketing, while often annoying, has no corner on lack of taste and decency. Above the line marketing scores just as high, or low, as the case may be.
    But I agree with your premise. Let’s pull the plug on all forms of direct marketing, above and below the line

  2. Terri Schiavo death up for sale

    A worthy cause is never helped along when it’s supporters use tacky methods . We, human beings, can be so fickle, can’t we? 🙂
    We’ll step up to a worthy cause, shine in a most noble manner and then fall flat on our face doing some sucky maneuver like…