Let’s Eat!

Boulder’s Sterling-Rice Group is launching a television and digital campaign for the leader in Mexican frozen food, El Monterey.

Every “episode” of El Monterey is set in the glorious family hacienda – think South Fork Ranch on “Dallas” – and follows the daily intrigue, desire, hilarity and delicious feasts of the El Monterey family.
The campaign will play out over the course of several TV “episodes” and web videos (directed by Jason Woliner). Fans can also dive deeper by visiting the brand’s Virtual Hacienda.
As for the spot above, I love how it turns on a dime and the line “Let’s Eat” is delivered fresh. Plus, the line, “Take the drama out of preparing a deliciously authentic Mexican meal” on the heels of “Let’s Eat” seals the deal and neatly explains the premise of the campaign.
[UPDATE] Visit the brand’s YouTube page for more serial content and a behind-the-scenes video.

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