Let Me Guess, The Unemployed Are Lazy? What A Crock Of Shit

Change.org is a hotbed of citizen activism against corporate tyranny. The site is host to petitions that ask Hershey’s to stop exploiting student guestworkers; tell New Balance to stop supporting anti-gay politicians; and another meant to get McDonald’s to stop buying pork from producers who use gestation crates.

There’s also a campaign to get Monster.com to Ban Job Listings that Discriminate Against the Unemployed.

Kelly Wiedemer, an unemployed business analyst, launched her campaign on Change.org after learning of Monster.com’s refusal to ban job listings that exclude the unemployed. Within hours of the campaign’s launch, she had recruited tens of thousands of supporters on Change.org, the world’s fastest growing platform for social change.

“The practice of discriminating against the unemployed will leave a lot of people in permanent poverty,” said Wiedemer. “Websites like Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com must do their part to end discrimination against people like me. They can start today by enacting policies to prohibit this practice.”

News of the online petition campaign’s success is likely to increase pressure on Monster.com and other employment websites. What it won’t do is halt the practice at the companies themselves. To do that, we’ll need to turn heartless people in cold cubicles into real people again.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully, freelancing & consulting are perfectly acceptable in an advertising professional’s career.

  2. There are so many unfair things in this world..not just this one.