Legal Tussle Ensues

Julie Roehm, the former Wal-Mart marketing executive whose December ouster caused a media firestorm, has filed a lawsuit against the retailer, claiming Wal-Mart breached her contract and smeared her in the press.
The lawsuit was filed without fanfare last month in state court in Michigan, where the former Chrysler executive keeps a residence, but it was transferred to federal court.
In addition to financial damages, Ms. Roehm is looking to retrieve items left in her office at the Bentonville, Ark., headquarters. She’s demanding the return of her media exchange files, material from presentations and work she did prior to joining Wal-Mart, and copies of her Microsoft Outlook folders, including her personal contacts.
[SOURCE: Ad Age]

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  1. She wasn’t allowed to remove personal items and files from her office? That’s a pretty hostile firing.

  2. While I don’t see how the charge of defamation could possibly hold up (WalMart gave very few details regarding the reason for Roehm’s dismissal), WalMart does look like the “big heartless employer” in this latest development. My prediction is that she’s will successfully spin this to her advantage and come out smelling like roses.