Legal Doesn’t Always Mean Right

I have never dined at Legal Sea Foods, “a fish company in the restaurant business.” Perhaps, I will someday–I’m intrigued by the brand’s appeal to those with a diminished tolerance for humorless environmentalists (even though I sometimes fall into that camp, myself).

“I’m not trying to antagonize environmentalists,” says Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Sea Foods. “I’m trying to educate consumers.” Hmmm. Last time I checked my Thesaurus, “educate” and “amuse” were not synonyms.

Of course, the folks at Greenpeace aren’t at all amused. “Ironically, the trout sold by Legal Sea Foods is farmed and has never seen a golden brook or sunlit stream,” says John Hocevar, director of Greenpeace Oceans. “The choice isn’t between putting fish on a pedestal or eating them, it’s between reforming the way we produce our seafood or irrevocably degrading our oceans.”

via: USA Today and Fast Company

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