Leapfrogging To Grey

I confess I’ve never heard of Steve Hardwick, but Adweek reports he’s going to be the new President of Grey, starting next month.
But that’s not what caught my eye. Here’s what did:

Hardwick, who had served seven months as president of independent StrawberryFrog, begins in his new position at the 525-person office next month and reports to Grey Global Group chairman and CEO Jim Heekin.

Look, I know people move all the time for all sorts of reasons to all different agencies, but why would someone leave a so-called “hot” shop to go to Grey after only 7 months? More money? More power? Is 7 months a long enough period of time to be president of any agency before deciding a move is needed? I’m curious.

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  1. Well, my first guess is that Grey offered huge cash.
    Second is maybe he realized StrawberryFrog was all talk, no tangible new business, and no good work.
    Those are my cynical guesses. Could be he didn’t enjoy working at the frog and wanted to go back where he started, Grey.

  2. Hmmm…smells fishy, looks like he was let go cause he wasn’t good enough

  3. rich dahl says:

    fwiw: i have worked for both of them.
    both guys coming together is a very good sign for grey… best in years.
    Jim’s a champion of great work & a pleasure to kick ass for. He also knows a good hire… He’s the real nut behind Mc Cann’s historical rebuild.
    Steve is like a younger Jim IMHO.
    A good sign somethin’ will be afoot @ Grey.
    btw: what’s their stock @ currently anyway?

  4. I agree this seems like a strange move. I would have expected him to go to another agile shop or perhaps start another one. I guess only time will explain this one…unless this guy has a blog;)

  5. duh?
    this is a no-brainer folks. you go from less than pennies in revenue to over $150 million. you go from two AOR clients and thirty less than a month projects to over fifty cash in hand clients, including one of the worlds largest marketers. you go from too many bullfrogshit logic planning proposals and ZERO creative output to thousands of distinguished creative executions per yer.
    WTF is so hard to understand about this?
    ps. he got a shitboat full of $ to boot. and not cuz the was president of SF.