Lawyer Says, “Don’t Call Us Fat.”

Dear Brandweek,
Your article, “Kellogg Wakes Up Eggo with New SKUs, Design,” (Brandweek, Dec. 13), contains a factual mischaracterization of Pillsbury Waffle Sticks with Dippin’ Cups.
Pillsbury Dunkables Waffle Sticks with Syrup Cups, as our product is now called, do not contain 30% more fat than Eggo Original French Toaster Sticks. Eggo Original French Toaster Sticks have six grams of fat per 90-gram serving. Pillsbury Dunkables Waffle Sticks with Syrup Cups have six grams of fat per 122-gram serving. Accounting for our larger serving size, we actually have 30% less fat per gram than the Eggo product.
John Luedke
counsel, General Mills

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