Latin Leader Wants To Make Leo Burnett Sexy

Chicago Sun Times advertising writer Lewis Lazare had lunch last week with Juan Carlos Ortiz, co-president of Leo Burnett and Arc North America. Ortiz, 39, has been with Burnett for 17 years, running the conglomerate’s Bogota, Columbia shop before taking over Burnett’s Latin American operations.
According to Lazare, Ortiz now shares an office on West Wacker Drive with Rich Stoddart, Burnett’s other co-president. “We’re trying to reinvent the way you run a shop,” explained Ortiz.
Ortiz wants to make the firm’s flagship office appear “sexy” to the industry at large. Although he’d be happy if Burnett’s image is merely “appealing” in about a year’s time.
I wonder what Stoddart’s goals are.

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