L.A. Hipsters On Their Way To Tennessee

According to this Adfreak report, TBWA\Chiat\Day’s marketing services unit, Tequila, is moving its operations to Nashville, TN.
The move is a result of Nissan’s relocation to the musical city.

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  1. gawlee dang! we ain’t never had no hipsturs come to nashville before! we cain’t hardly wait fer y’all to come here and tell us how much better you did it in L.A. we’re lucky we’re able to git to wurk and git home to f*ck our cousins without y’all to telling us how to do it better
    note to precocious nissan account types who’ve been relegated to a service office — L.A. has been sending us their burned out rock stars and music business wannabes for about a dozen years. nashville has been fueling the soundtracks for the movie business for about as long a time. not surprised that the advertising industry is oblivious to that.
    and we’re still laughing our heads off at you thinking brentwood is a remotely interesting place to live.