La Quinta, Where Top Dogs Stay

La Quinta borrowed a strategy from Holiday Inn Express, and turned to a cliché instead of a concept to make this new spot. So, it must be very bad. Right?

Yep. It’s bad. Greg Medernach of Unconditioned Response helps us see just how bad.

…when John performs this raising his leg up over this other guy, it makes it appear as though his intent is to urinate on him like a dog would do. This is gross and disgusting, as well as degrading and insulting (in addition to appearing perhaps just a bit perverted), and as such, I think it’s a bit over-the-line for a business meeting.

Medernach also points out that the tagline “La Quinta Inn & Suites Take Care Of You, So You Can Take Care of Business” refers, albeit indirectly, to the act of a male dog peeing, or “taking care of business.”

Is this what it’s come to? Peeing on the competition?

Or is La Quinta safe here, given that the dogs and pee and all are just mental, not actual, pictures?

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