Kruse’s Ship Is Called “Brand Love”

Last August I flew to ATL to pitch a room full of high powered marketing execs on BFG’s ability to deliver exceptional content and online brand experiences. Carol Kruse, VP of Global Interactive Marketing at Coke put that meeting together for us.
Here she is at Cannes speaking about some of the things that matter to her and other Coca-Cola brand managers:

[via Adweek’s Real Time Cannes]

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  1. i have heard that brand love before.
    jinx buy me a coke
    I am sorry again, adpulp
    i just got home from a trip to the city. The countryside brings out these stupid comments in me.
    delete at your delight or delight at your delusion
    PS adrants as the number one ad site? who reads that anymore?

  2. Adweek spends thousands of dollars to send Brian Morrissey to Cannes and the dude can’t bring a $35 lavalier mic to get decent audio?
    I promise there’ll be better sound quality at the Burn Strong wedding.

  3. Hi Nancy, I think I’ll choose to be amused by you and the concept of brand love. You’re right, you’ve heard it here before. Kevin Roberts of Saatchi is all over it. And Hugh MacLeod likes the “L” word too. Personally, I can see loving a movie, a book, a band, a dog, a person, etc. But loving a brand? That seems unnatural to me. You can favor a brand, even admire a brand, but that’s as far as it goes.

  4. david,
    better a muse than a siren than a half bird lady.
    the trigger here is to love a moment while using the brand. Thtat’s what they want, right? sometimes i think people get mixed up. I do because i have myxlesia but only in reading. see, I see cannes and i just read nance’s, but that’s just my narcissism and me thinking i am my own name. sorry scientology.
    to put this in reference with sexual energy that everyone understands… i do not get mixed up with loving the penis and not the man, but i am prudish like that.
    i’m back to the usual loving nature and water and eating rice and sardines now. ahhh…. cleansed. so i’ll leave the more important things to the professionals even if i do occasionally try this amaturely from home.
    and never the twain did tweet or meet