Kottke’s Comments Outsourced To Bloghanistan

Ben Brown “lives in San Francisco but dreams in Austin.” As such, he’s uniquely qualified to create an innovative mashup.

Powered by BBQ and an animal desire to parody everything I see, I registered the domain “kottkekomments.com,” mostly as a joke.
Everyone loves alliteration.
Well, this evening, I found a few spare brain cycles and finally launched the site! It’s not even a joke.

Johnnie Moore calls the development, “fascinating – another straw in the wind suggesting the conversation will happen whether you support it or not.”
Commenting on Church of the Customer, Chris in Cincinnati says “Ben Brown and Jason Kottke are part of the original, old school, last century A-list. I’m pretty sure the left hand knew what the right hand was doing before the public at large did.”

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  1. I just checked and the following URL’s are presently available:
    But you’d better hurry! 😉