Knowing Where To Drill Is Key. Knowing How To Drill Is Also Good.

One of my favorite bloggers, Scott Karp, is at it again. He’s eloquently addressing the things I’m thinking about and working on in a way that shines light precisely where I need it, when I need it. Yes, Karp’s that good.

I think you’re going to see more social networking sites go vertical, but they will be customized in large and small ways to the type of collaboration they are intended to facilitate. This will be a big challenge for Ning, which is certainly “good enough” for casual networking and collaboration, but may not pass muster for serious business use.

I created a Ning site about 10 days ago with a clear business purpose in mind. And while I’m impressed with Ning’s offering, Karp is right, it’s not customized to my user’s needs. So, I’m thinking of taking the site down (again) and going another way (again).
It’s all a big experiment, this interwebby thing. And nothing online has much of a shelf life. If you’re gonna move on a digital idea, you better do it yesterday.

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  1. “If you’re gonna move on a digital idea, you better do it yesterday.”