Kind Company’s Blog Not Sustainable

I was pleased to learn Seventh Generation, the nation’s leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products, is blogging. Then I read their “About” copy, and found it hard to go much deeper.

The Inspired Protagonist is Seventh Generation’s voice, reaching out, to inspire the few who will inspire the many, bringing wealth and well-being to all who live and are about to live (seven generations) on the planet. We seek to add the action of change to every word, now.

What’s for sale here—cheesy greeting cards or cleaning products?
When a brand enters the larger conversation, it’s imperative to drop all pretense and corporate speak. If that’s all a brand’s pr writers know, then it’s time to find someone else to write the blog.
In realted news, Dell launched a blog. Mercifully, Dell skips the “About” blather.

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  1. So, I am the blog guy at Seventh Generation. I am not in the marketing department – I am not a PR guy – I am the director of corporate consciousness – a made up role that I think is all about confronting the typical and the habitual in a way that moves all our stagnant frameworks (business – economics – advertising) into the active into a point of undiscovered consciousness…and given your brief “shot” at the blog,
    it seems I am failing horribly…
    So know I am playing out this odd role of trying to grow this blog not from “the brand”, but from the idea that encourages
    a deeper sense of dialogue in this odd-blog-world – I am road testing how the hell to do it in a way that when someone like you who reads a post, does not make typical (and mostly erroneous) assumptions and who can lift their typical response into a more inspired sense of dialogue that is the “pebble in the pond”…
    Help me man, what inspires you?

  2. Hi Gregor,
    I appreciate you dropping by and helping AdPulp readers (and me) understand what you’re up to.
    As a writer, I am acutley aware of, and sensitive to, language. New Age language bothers me. I may agree with the philosophy, but the language often trips me up. I find it fake/soft/suspect. “We seek to add the action of change to every word, now.” does this.
    But when I hear you speak (thanks to Odeo!), the segments are real and engaging. So there’s a bit of a disconnect from the verbal to the written.
    I wish you well, and I want better products like yours to win consumer’s attention and favor. My concern is how best to get that done. I believe a more earthy approach might be helpful.

  3. I did not answer your question about inspiration.
    I’m inspired by music and the men and women who make music.
    One day 21 years ago, I came upon my first Grateful Dead show and my life has been better since. Robert Hunter, the master craftsman, is inspiring. Jerry Garcia, pure soul embodied, is inspiring. That people like Derek Trucks, Jim Lauderdale and Warren Haynes are taking it further is inspiring. Anyway, that’s one area. Nature is another. And books. And architecture.

  4. David,
    Thanks for the thoughts – I hear you on the new age thing…it is odd how the written word can become a whole lot of interpretations and the spoken word “clearer”…know I don’t give a rat’s bottom about pushing toilet paper…this blog is our attempt to reach beyond the everyday tick-tock, to engage in a level of dialogue I think is aching to break through and when it does, it is inspiring…and to get there is a trip – I gotta keep breaking down the old within to get to the fresh…pebble in the pond, man, so darn fresh…
    I loved your thoughts on music and am with you all the way…
    thank you – thank you…let’s keep this going…