Is The 95 mph Slider McCain Can’t Handle

That Obama has savvy marketers on his side goes without saying. Their latest effort, is a microsite with a macro payoff. For there could no better time to paint McCain as a reckless Reagan-inspired deregulator.

In the mini-documentary above, Obama’s team skillfully connects the dots between the S&L scandal of the 1980s and today’s pressing problems on Wall Street. Much to McCain’s chagrin, they also show that the Arizona politician has consistently been on the wrong side of these weighty issues.

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  1. Tom Messner says:

    I would go back further.
    Put the Republican blame where it squarely rests: Abe Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Was Lincoln a deregulator? I’ve never heard that.

  3. kokomjolk says:

    I think Tom may be referring to Lincoln being the first true “republican” president. Even though he believed in a stronger federal government over state sovereignty and used government money to subsidize the railroad business. One early president who may have his values aligned with the GOP, but more libertarian, would be Thomas Jefferson maybe.
    Presidential debates on adpulp, what is going on here?