Kathy Ireland Is Movin’ Markers

While you’ve got Mother’s Day on the mind, Sharpie would like you to swing by its web site and enter your mom in Sharpie’s Signature Mom Contest.
According to Sharpie’s market research:

A Sharpie Signature Mom is a stand-out mom…someone who puts her special mark on motherhood…she’s caring, expressive, creative, and involved – especially in her children’s education…she spends time reading, playing, listening, loving… she works hard to balance her busy life… she’s a Sharpie Signature Mom!

The winning Sharpie Signature Mom will receive $10,000 in funds and school supplies awarded to the school of her choice and a weekend getaway for two to a spa destination of the Sponsor’s choice.
Let’s hope the Sponsor has good taste in spas.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen a supermodel turn mom and still be in the public eye.

  2. Kathy is awesome. She is such a great advocate for mom’s (and dads). Her working with Sharpie is just another example of her big heart. I love all of the products that she offers and reccomend that everyone check out what she is doing. Her website kathyireland.com is full of useful solutions that we can all benifit from, I know my daughter and I have… She is an incredible christian woman with a great Brand.

  3. Kathy…i am not sure is you will ever read my comment but i just wanted to thank you for all your hard work…i recently visit the kathy ireland website and i learn so much about you and the brand…your products are beautiful …Thank you.