KAHLÚA Es Muy Delicioso

TBWA\Chiat\Day has teamed up with Mexican actrss Ana de la Reguera on behalf of Kahlua.

“It has a bit of a wink or a nudge, but it’s not outrageous or silly,” said Dan Lundberg, global marketing director for Kahlúa at the Absolut Company unit of Pernod Ricard. “It felt like a very natural way to tell the Kahlúa story instead of doing something more traditional.”
“There are a lot of consumers who do not necessarily know what Kahlúa is, what’s in it, where it’s from, and they can learn in an entertaining way,” Mr. Lundberg said. “We’re proud of our heritage, but at the same time we want to have fun with it as well.”

[via Brandfreak and The New York Times]

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