JWT Says Iceland And Soft Natural Hair Are “In”

This is pretty good. On PRNewswire, you can see the list of 70 things JWT trendspotters say are “in” for 2007.

“Trends are illustrated by the products and services that exemplify them,” says leading trendspotter Marian Salzman, EVP, chief marketing officer of JWT Worldwide and co-author of the new book Next Now (Palgrave Macmillan), a travelogue into the near future. “By examining what resonates with consumers, we can identify the larger patterns that will shape our lives in the years to come.”

Here are some of my favorites:

28. Binge Chilling
51. Higher-waisted pants
56. Energy-saving lightbulbs

Well, check out the whole list. And feel free to comment below on anything you think will be “in” or “out” in 2007.
UPDATE: I confess that I’d never heard of “binge chilling” but it’s exactly what it sounds like. Next Now — The Blog explains:

“Zoning Out” and “Me Time” as Entertainment: With leisure time becoming so precious in our time-scarce culture, just zoning out is becoming a form of entertainment all its own. Much of today’s youth participate in “binge chilling,” or going back and forth from doing a lot at once to doing absolutely nothing. Entertainment now has as much to do with being switched off as it has with being switched on.

Next Now, of couse, is Marian Salzman’s own blog. Doing a Google search on “binge chilling” doesn’t turn up any other uses of the phrase other than on JWT’s list and Salzman’s blog. So maybe it’s proprietary–meaning either JWT did something original, or you have to pay Salzman a nickel every time you say “binge chilling” in a sentence.

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  1. There seems to be a healthy thread of green trends running through their list:
    7. Sustainable construction/green buildings
    8. Hydrogen fuel cell technology
    9. Veggie-bus: school buses running on biodiesel fuel
    17. Organic fabrics
    21. Locally sourced produce
    44. Environmental causes
    45. Companies going green
    48. Microgeneration (generating one’s own energy)
    56. Energy-saving lightbulbs
    67. Al Gore, the environmentalist
    What does it mean when Madison Avenue buys in to The Movement? Does it mean the industry will look down at its own wasteful spending? Somehow I don’t think so. Maybe that will make next year’s list.

  2. 71. JWT continues to not suddenly and miraculously evolve into CPB or Wieden.

  3. wonder if any of the trends can be applied to jwt clients. heaven forbid a self-proclaimed planning guru like salzman should provide insights to enhance the creative efforts.

  4. I’m into chill purging myself. I think it’s gonna be HUGE in ’07. Maybe even ’08.

  5. grassisgreener says:

    Surely the poster of this one isn’t the ‘dannyg’ who works in PR at La SaltCellar’s agency JWT?
    Because that would be just a tad self serving – wouldn’t it?

  6. Hi grassisgreener–
    No, I have no affiliation with JWT. And I don’t know what La SaltCellar is.

  7. one more thing: i tend to zone out every time salzman unloads another list of obvious insights.

  8. Is it just me or is half of this list what has been “in” for the past 2 years. I mean come on… Reality show talent searches, Mash-Ups, RSS, Rachel Ray, thats like 2005’s hot news.
    Then, of course, there’s the blatent liberal bent to socio-political items: stem cell research, environmentalism, Barack Obama. Wait, wasn’t he “in” for 2004?
    And from way out in left field: “Reunions of donor insemination siblings” Are you kidding me? This is going to be national trend? Oh god, I can see it now… “Sperm Brother: the Donor Insemination Sibling Reunion Reality Show”