Just Don’t Lose Your Phone In America

iJustine (Justine Ezarik) and Karen Nguyen are internet famous.
With that fact in mind, AT&T hoped to borrow some of the ladies’ equity to sell more phones, but Ad Age, for one, isn’t impressed.

So far, AT&T and its vloggers have published 11 episodes, produced by Tremor Media, but it’s hard to imagine anyone watching more than one, if that. The series is heavy on AT&T, but light on storyline, unless you find it interesting that Justine could be booted out of the competition if she drops her phone a fifth time.

How about you? Does AT&T’s “Lost In America” content work make you want to buy an expensive phone with even more expensive monthly services?

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  1. Well…the part where he stares at them super intensely is pretty funny. I think the concept is a good idea; but it’s kind of boring and probably should be about half as long.
    And, I’m pretty sure you could accomplish everything on this video without a smart phone, and without the faux-ditzy attitude — thus making this phone a non-essential.