Judging By The RNC Last Night, The Answer Is “No”

The posters designed by Rich Silverstein and supported by Arianna Huffington have finally made it to this week’s Republican National Convention. Basically, it’s just a long list of words describing the Bush administration with the tagline, “Haven’t we had enough?” Click here to see Arianna and Rich roll out a big version of the poster.
Judging by the two-minute clip, which I think was shot across the river in Minneapolis, no one seemed to care. A badly designed poster of buzzwords isn’t going to cut it. Rich Silverstein is a talented guy, he could do better than this. Certainly, the Democrats will have to do better than this in the next 60 days.

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  1. Harsh review!
    I actually like these posters. All those phrases coined in the last 8 years do sum up the Republican party. And summing them up is all that’s required.

  2. I’m with Danny G. on this one. This poster speaks most effectively to those predisposed to reject Republican politics, but what we need are communications that move people off the fence (provided you’re for change). In other words, we need communications that persuade people. There’s little emotional weight here, and that’s odd given how strongly people feel about the topics listed.

  3. I agree…campaigns are all about getting voters to, well, VOTE, and not just think or care about issues. The Republican convention has shown that the party is still very expert and able on this subject; while Obama and Biden drone on about issues and techno-fixes (and effort), the McCain/Palin pitch is pretty much ‘we’re good people, so vote for us.’ It’s no guarantee of success, but they’re certainly playing the best card they have. I wrote a piece on it that’ll appear tomorrow (Friday, 5 Sept) if you want to check it out: DIM BULB at http://dimbulb.typepad.com

  4. yes david. but what i’ve found from personal experience living here in the conservative midwest is that the republican party is the party of people who don’t want to think about things in general too hard. introspective they ain’t.
    the evidence of the past 8 years supports my argument. and the recent republican convention.
    if you haven’t made your mind up by now, in all probability your mental processes aren’t what they might be. it’s not that complicated. voting is not that hard. amd the rational choice is obvious.
    the goodby silverstein posters are probably intended as cathartic relief from the insanity of the past eight years.
    the fact that goodby had to do them at all is the really crazy part.