Journey To Torino (67 Days Left)

I wondered when a brand would utilize Flickr in an ad/pr campaign. We now have an answer, and the answer is Visa.
Julia Mancuso, a Visa blogger
Journey to Torino is a blog written by six Olympic athletes and one moderator/host. The blog also features a podcast and a Flickr link from the sidebar.
Cammi Granato, an ice hockey player for Team USA says:

My first experience on the ice was on the studio rink when my mom enrolled me in figure skating lessons. I was dressed in a tutu and had pom-poms attached to my white skates. Little did my mom know I was more interested in the action on the rink beside it. During the lesson, mom would finally realize I wasn’t on the ice with the other figure skaters – instead, she’d find me in the other rink with my nose pressed up against the glass watching hockey. “I want to play hockey mommy.”

So, she’s not Frank Deford. It’s still a great move by Visa to go to market with a real blog written by real people. JTT also offers comments and trackbacks, another nod to the audience and sign that the Visa team behind this project really gets it.
[via Micropersuasion]

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