Jonesin’ For The Holidays

Some may question the wisdom of introducing holiday-flavored sodas, for they do sound disgusting.
-Turkey & Gravy Soda
-Cranberry Soda (okay, this one sounds good)
-Mashed Potato & Butter
-Green Bean Casserole
-Fruitcake Soda
Yet the latest offering from Seattle’s Jones Soda Co. is already sold out (in three days time). Maybe all those carb avoiders are loading up on this liquid meal alternative.

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  1. Selling such odd, food-flavored soda is a great publicity stunt for the Jones Soda Co., but it also is a generous philanthropic gesture, as a portion of the sales goes to Toys for Tots. Jones could take this innovative, cause-related marketing campaign even further by partnering with homeless shelters, where many holiday meals will be served in the next couple of months to those less fortunate. In exchange for a financial contribution to, say, The Salvation Army, a donor would receive The Jones Holiday Soda Pack. Just a thought!
    Bob Cargill
    Senior Creative Director
    Yellowfin Direct Marketing