Wine by Joe Is A Great Product, In A Great Package With Great Point of Sale

I saw something yesterday that I don’t normally see on our trips to Willamette Valley wineries. Exceptional POS!
I’ve written before about the wine industry’s need–in marketing terms–to move from the cottage to the estate. One of the best places to make such a move is in-store, since that’s where the greatest number of purchase decisions are actually made.
Wine by Joe is an Oregon producer of pinot noir, pinot gris and pinot blanc. It’s one of three labels from winemaker Joe Dobbes–the one that claims to be “serious wine for the unserious!” I like that position for the brand and I appreciate that I can buy an Oregon pinot under $20 that tastes as good as many in the $40+ range.
So who is Joe Dobbes? Is he the beret-wearing Joe we see in the brand identity? I have to think there’s some Joe Dobbes in the iconic Wine by Joe Joe.
A native Oregonian, Dobbes traveled to France at a young age to apprentice with two of Burgundy’s top producers. That explains the wine (and the beret), but what about the man’s marketing acumen? I can’t say for sure, but I can say he also writes a wine blog, and he recently had a radio show, NW Vine Time on NewsRadio 750 KXL.

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  1. Way to go Joe!
    Wine-makers could learn a thing or two from this guy. With the wine-making business so saturated its surprising that so little of these business owners actually advertise or do some sort of marketing..

  2. I completely agree with you. Great post.