Jobs Pulls Books And No Punches

USA Today reports that Apple Computer has retaliated against the publisher of an upcoming unauthorized biography about chief executive Steve Jobs by removing dozens of other technology books sold by the publisher from Apple stores around the world.
Apple removed the books last week from all 104 of its stores after failing in a monthlong attempt to persuade John Wiley & Sons not to release iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business, which is to go on sale within the next six weeks, the publisher said.
The book’s author, Jeffrey Young, says Jobs has nothing to fear from iCon. “I thought the book was pretty positive and laudatory,” Young said. “It covers his personal life and there is something about his illness. I wouldn’t call any of it outrageous. I’m totally bewildered.”
Cupertino-based Apple is known for aggressively protecting its intellectual property, as well as its brand image. A fact that may have led

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  1. Why petty? Because a single tantrum isn’t worthy of being blogged? Because “tyrant” is a tad of an overstatement? Just curious…

  2. David,
    How nice to have you over.
    Maybe “strong” would have been a better word choice over “petty.”
    I look at Jobs fondly as a creative madman. I don’t appreciate all his moves, but in the big picture I see him as a cultivator of great ideas and products born from those ideas. Not knowing him personally, I can admire him from afar.

  3. “Vain, petty tyrant” hits it on the spot.
    But he’s a genius, too.
    With an aura.
    So while it’s easy to label him a benign megalomanic grump, the truth is that in many ways, he is exceptional, outstanding, a man with direction who fights the passionate fight, bold and unwavering.
    You can hate him for that, but I prefer to love him for it.