Jimmy John’s Takes Sub Dump On Dude’s Lawn, Shares It For Everyone To See

It seems to me that Jimmy John’s–more so than other sub chains–has their Social Media Marketing game face on.
The brand is on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and they have a frequently updated blog called FreakFast, where they’re busy directly engaging with fans via “Picture of the Day” uploads and other means.
Clearly, Social Media Marketing is easier to do when a company is already promotional and experiential by nature, as Jimmy John’s is. Take a look at how easy it is to translate those attributes to video:

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  1. I’ve never had a Jimmy John’s sub so I can’t personally comment on how they taste. But if the winner (hey, Jonathan, wake up!) looks that miserable, then I’d have to say they taste pretty bad.
    Now if Clint at http://www.ripcitygrill.com dumped a truckload of his steak sandwiches on my lawn, well, sir, I’d be up and out of bed and you wouldn’t have to call me twice.
    All the same, Jimmy John is entertaining to watch.

  2. @Robert,
    The subs taste good.
    The video above, on the other hand, seems staged.
    The “capture” could have been more inventive – like at the dude’s school or workplace, where lots of onlookers could have picked up and literally run with the subs.