Jimmy Dean Dumped By Sara Lee, But He’s Still The Man.

from USA TODAY: From 1965 until 2002, Jimmy Dean was the president of his own sausage company. Having butchered his own meats growing up, Jimmy knew how to make sausage, from the piglet to the table. His company became so successful that Sara Lee Foods bought it and later forced him out. Dean laid out all the details in his new autobiography, Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Ham: Jimmy Dean’s Own Story.
“They talk about the age factor, saying I’m too old for the customer. A couple of really tactful executives from Sara Lee said to me, “You’re not going to live forever, you know.” They were preparing for me to die! Can you believe that?! I think Wilford Brimley does good work for what he does, though I don’t know how they get him up on a horse. They’re still using Colonel Sanders in ads and he’s been dead for years.” -Jimmy Dean

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